Register Your School

Registering  your school / organization with Sharp Educators is the best way to prepare your school for any unexpected teacher absences.  

Registering with Sharp Educators is absolutely free.  There are no long term contracts to sign or minimum usage fees.  Signing up does not obligate you to use our services.  Registering with Sharp Educators allows you to have all documentations in place, so when you do need our services you can place an order without delay.  Registering with Sharp Educators will give your school a sense of relief to know your classroom ratios can be maintained.   

To register your school simply fill out and submit the registration form below and one of our intake representatives will contact you and complete the registration process.

New School Registration Form

School Registration

Once you become a registered school you can place an order at anytime by calling 1-866-466-4912 or place an order online at